It is amazing to me how certain plants grow in the most peculiar environments. When I saw the little plant growing among all of the beautiful acorns, it reminded me of hardship; but pushing through.

Sometimes, our environments are so undesirable that we become stagnant or non-productive all together. If we as people looked around and took a bit of advice from nature; we would be so much better.

At times the conditions will not be right, shoot; they may actually be horrendous. But, one thing that we must always remember is that; we were created to SURVIVE adverse circumstances.

When things become tough, GET TOUGHER! and find a way to get whatever it is that you desire. When all conditions start to line up; YOU will begin to see your growth.

Fight through it all, and do not let YOUR environment made up of people, places and things; STOP you from achieving your growth. BE LIKE this little plant.

Take Care Of Yourself and Each Other,

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