Clients Testimonials

Lindi Fellman

You just don’t know what you’ve done for me and my spirit!!! People that I was coy or scared to say stop!!! Over the yrs… Now I’m able to say… Yo… You in my space .. I want peace and don’t pollute my being… They scared of me now… I have a voice!!! Chika… I’m grateful!!!!
I tell em.. Listen if u ain’t got nothing positive to propel me then don’t call… They all shocked…. Including my mom…
You’re special to me!!!
Thank you again and again.

Carleon King

You have stimulated my growth in ways that I can listen and take heed to…and apply to Life. Your words are straight encouraging, thought provoking and will help heal the world. Every single piece of information you share is one to cherish. And is cherished. Thankh you for being a leading example to my journey and others journey as well. Thankh you for existing !

John Doe

Ana, this is John Doe , Jane Doe husband. I saw a message pop up from you. Based on what I’m reading, you were a great help getting Jane Doe through her cancer treatment. Thank you. Yes, she frequently tried to get me to say that I was going to leave her because she claimed to look like a man. It hurt to hear. I did my best to convince her otherwise. You gave her guidance and because of your words, she was able to conquer cancer.
I have sad news. Jane Doe unexpectedly passed away in her sleep on January 20th. She had several complications, but we’ll never know which of her illnesses beat her. I can only say that it wasn’t cancer. Again, thank you for helping her through the last two years of her life..